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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 20, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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talk radio and so on and so forth, but can't there just be people who are bad people and are disconnected from reality? >> absolutely. there are people who are bad and evil and don't care about other people and i don't know if this person fits into that category. >> thanks for being us with. i appreciate it. we have the continuing coverage of the massacre in colorado. it continues right now. >> and this in fact is a fox news alert. tonight we have learned that all fire crews and most police have in fact pulled out from around the suspect's apartment. now the police chief said just the last hour at a press conference they will take up the task of trying to get into the booby trapped apartment sometime tomorrow and for the latest on the developing situation we go to mike tobin and he's outside the suspect's apartment tonight. mike, what is the very latest? >> the very latest is that things are holding steady out here. as the police chief said, they are going to back off from the scene and wait to start dealing
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with it tomorrow when they come up with a new strategy. the vexing problem is what the police chief described. you see the broken glass out there. what they have described as far as what they have seen in the apartment from one going in and also the cameras of that been put inside the apartment to have a look around. jars of liquid, jars of ammunition, trip wires. what looks to be a mortor round, what looks to be incendiary devices. they have talked about different strategies of neutrallizing the situation. when you are talking about incendiary devices or firebombs, you could start a fire. you are talking about the risk to the staff that would be going in or working around this facility. you are talking about the potential for further property destruction and you are talk about the 'bibility of destroying what would be a treasure trove of evidence inside the apartment. there's nothing having them speed up the pace of what is happening out here. that's why we saw all the police
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crews and the pulled out the big equipment and heavy ladder truck, they are getting them home and rested and rehydrated. all that remains on the scene are the police officers who are securing the perimeter. that also means all the people who live in the five apartment buildings of that been evacuated and the adjacent real estate around the apartment buildings, they can't get in but for a few people who are being allowed to come back into the surrounding apartment buildings to garrett things they need like baby food and medicine. sean. >> let me go back to the process of this. as i understand it, and we can see the window that goes into the suspect's apartment, they were able to get their cameras in there and also from what i understand there's been talk all day long about robotics and the potential for robots being able to go in there and diffuse that. you are on the ground, what are you hearing and what did you see as the process of getting into the apartment was unfolding today? >> mostly what we could see from out here are the people going up in the fire department's ladder truck with the basket on the
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end. we heard that one person went inside. as far as the discussion of the row box i've seen them at work in the middle east. oftentimes what you see from a controlled debt nation is not a large explosion. it's an explosion about the side of a shotgun shell and they will drive that robot receipt up to the suspicious device and pop it one with a shotgun shell and hopefully you then neutrallize whatever it is that's a suspicious device. oftentimes they do that to packages. the problem you have in the apartment building there, especially while they are talking about firearms and incendiary devices, you pop one and you could start a fire. then you have more property damage and the evidence that should exist in the apartment. >> the police chief said in fact they are four of the five build,, not that building but four of the five buildings the families were allowed to go back in and get medicine and other necessities. have you been watching them come in one by one because they around allowed to go in as a group?
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>> you don't see them very often. there's not a large presence of them coming in. as i understand they are out at the central high school out here and they are being escorted by police and one by one they can gather things and get back out but we haven't seen a large number of people streaming in and out. i think people who don't have something they need on an emergency basis would rather not get too close to what is inside the apartment. >> as the police chief said tonight, a vexing problem to enter safely and he's never seen anything like this. he talked about the wires, the trip wires, the jars filled with liquid, the mortor rounds that are in there. there were reports earlier today that this could take the entire building out. do you think based on his comments tonight that fear is lessened somewhat as the evening is unfolding? >> you know, that's just tough to say. it really seems pretty clear that holmes in this case really wanted to have a second scene of carnage. really wanted to have a second
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scene of destruction and chaos that would result from what he did at location number one. what is odd to me is the fact that having set all of this up he went ahead and told police he had booby trapped his apartment because you would think, given the mind-set, if he wanted to cause as much destruction as possible you would want they will opening the doors and tripping over the trip wires but that didn't play out in this case. again, it could be a lot of explosives, it could be kind of smaller in terms of firebombs, the liquids the police chief has been talking about but i think they want to be as careful as possible before they go in there. >> mike. to bin outside the apartment tonight. we will continue to monitor this and we bring back our guests. one of the people that people want to know is what set him off? you wrote this book and did the investigation. what can you tell us about the profile of someone who engages in this type of behavior?
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>> what i can tell you the fbi and secret service came to the conclusion there's any single profile but the good news is there's sort of four classes of pro trial. anger depressive, a psychopath, which is the bad person you talked about, somebody severely mentally ill with a clean break from reality and then joe like virginia tech would be an example of that and a terrorist is the fourth type. in those four types the people ever remarkably similar. once you understand each of those types you understand all the killers because they behave similarly. we don't know what type this guy is yet. >> we talk about neurosis and psychosis. there are people who don't have empathy or a conscience. >> that's bad. and then you have people who are psychotic and they had a break with reality so they don't see reality and people the way you and i would. so if this guy really thinks he's the jocker, the joker is
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somebody who is anti-society and he's going to be against society, and we don't know, i mean, it almost sounds like he's the booby trap is like copying a comic book almost. >> that was fully put on the drudge report earlier today, it seemed identical to a batman cartoon. >> and there was one report there was a comic book the joker did have a violent scene in a movie theater. we don't know if he's in his own head is not seeing reality the way he should. >> you studied people involved in these incidents, more particularly columbine, not far away here. >> and virginia tech. >> do we tend to make excuses for people and their behavior? are we saying there are some people who have no control overcome pulse i have behavior or they get so locked into a fantasy they are so detached from reality?
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>> in virginia tech he really don't know what was going on or understands his behavior. he was not in touch with reality. and we are dealing with people hearing voice necessary their head or they don't understand but that's a really, really small sliver. even though it was one of the worst cases for virginia tech, it's rare. it's much, much more common it's actually just a depressed person, severely depressed. i know it sounds weird. >> but triggered by rejection, too. they are rejected from their job or they are failing in some major way. >> what do you make in the case of somebody like ted bundy who was intellectually intelligent and then is responsible for all these heinous crimes or in the case of the son of sam in new york who thought he was talking to a dog. >> that's a brilliant example. i think there's a misconception that somebody who is dangerous is maybe dumb and if you are smart then you should not be dangerous. but with ted bundy, he was brilliant but he was a
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psychopath. he's somebody who didn't feel for other people and in fact liked harming other people. there was fun in the saddism. and the son of sam, he was psychotic, hearing voices. there's a difference. >> and other people know what they are doing but they don't care. they have no empathy. >> but in the entire human history, i wrote a book, deliverance from evil, and one of the things i concluded it's very hard, and the people in colorado will deal with it, it's very hard for good people to wrap their arms around a concept that there are evil people. what other word with define hitler or the killing fields or what happened in the theater tonight. >> what happened is horrible. it's tragic. there is evil out in the world. we don't know everything about this man or, you know, the
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intracassies of who this man is. to just label him evil i think is premature and i don't know if it's ultimately helpful. ultimately we have to diagnose the situation and then figure out how to treat it. >> thank you both. a lot more on the fox news channel. the shots rang out early this morning and people ran for their lives and hundreds of police officers, emts, firefighters, ran toward the danger and descended on a chaotic and very bloody screen. the emergency radio traffic shows just how quick whether i a call of -- a call of shots fired turned into a mass casualty incident. take a look. >> we heard somebody screaming. sen me another available officer here. >> do we have gas masks available? we need rescue inside the auditorium. multiple victims. >> we have another person outshot in the leg. a female. i have people running out of the theater that are shot. >> another victim on the north side of the theater in the parking lot.
7:11 pm
>> i have two victims on the east side of the theater. >> i have seven down in theater 9. several down. >> i have a child victim. i need rescued back door theater 9 now. >> i need as many ambulances as we can to the lot. >> and east side. east side. i need officers on the east side. >> be advised we have multiple victims. >> the white car in the rear of the lot, is that the suspect? >> yes. we got rifles, gas masks. he has an open door going into the theater. >> requesting medical personnel in theater 9. >> we have a child down and cannot evacuate. >> give me ambulances. i want ambulances on dillard's lot. >> i'm already identifying the party who saw the entire thing as it unfolded.
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>> we are live outside the movie theater in aurora, colorado. twelve of dead, 58 injured after a gunman opened fire in the packed movie theater. it happened during the premiere of the new batman film. think of it, hundreds at the movie last night all seconding they were going to have a fun
7:16 pm
night but it suddenly turned to horror and the worst kind of roar or. darryl was there. he was in the theater right next to the one where the new batman movie was playing and where the gunman opened fire. darryl wags hit by debris that came flying through the wall connect being the two movies. darryl joins us now. thanks, darryl. >> hi, greta. >> where do we begin? how do you describe the horror of last night? >> it's hard to describe because it's chaotic. it's chaos. for us, not seeing the shooter, since we were in an adjacent movie theater, it was hard to go what was going on. the first key is we her pops and the debris coming out. we started -- people started going to the door and we stopped a minute. at least our group did that i was with for my church because we were concerned that perhaps if it was gunfire that there would be somebody out there ambushing us. >> you recognized it might be gunfire next door? >> the possibility of it. you know, we mentioned it before
7:17 pm
the people ran out and somebody actually win out and said there's somebody out there shooting. and they are killing us is what he said. then they came back in. we went through the top stairs at the back of the theater and as soon as we got up at the top the aurora pd was there quick. they were coming in with shotguns and they were clearing the building and they got us out. but then when we got out is when you really saw what happened because we didn't see anybody shot in our theater and at any time know what happened yet because it was dark and the movie was still playing until we got got outside and he we started seeing the people injured and the people laying there. you have to understand it is mostly kids. and they didn't know what to do and they are running around. >> when did you first realize that it was -- that you were safe, that the gunman might be in custody? i assume there's a initial level of chaos. i looked at the parking lot behind us and i imagine people came pouring out of the theaters. at what point did you know you western going to be killed? >> i felt safe anyway because of
7:18 pm
my faith in jesus. i knew i was safe in whatever i was doing. i really did. i didn't start thinking about it. we started picking up people laying on the ground and bleeding and taking them up to the ambulances because they were far away, they weren't by the building. you don't think about that. you come together and you just take care of things. >> what was the movie you were attending? >> it was batman. the same. >> same one but -- just luck that you were in the other theater? >> he was with a group of people that bought my ticket. ours started 12:01 and there's at 12:05. that was the difference, five minutes. >> both packed theaters? >> both packed. >> i imagine the movie is loud and has sound effects so i would imagine you might be confused as to what was going on? >> well, some people thought it was part of the movie but at least from my perspective, look at it through my eyes i saw the smoke and pop and i thought somebody did fireworks at the time. i thought it was fireworks. kids ran when that happened. but it wasn't fireworks that we know now, it was gunfire and
7:19 pm
shrapnel coming through the walls. >> the shrapnel came through the walls? >> well, debris and stuff was coming through the walls and hitting us. none. us in our group were injured but we got hit by stuff. we didn't know what it was and that was part of the confusion because we didn't know anybody was firing on the other side. after we got outside and took the people up you started to learn more that there was someone inside and the things going on. >> did they bring the house lights up at all? so you are all fleeing and in the dark, uncertain, knowing things are coming through the wall and suspecting a gunman? >> correct. >> but at what point -- when were you finally told or given any confirmation that it was a gunman? >> we really weren't. the police had their hands busy. my group from the church after we took care of the physical needs we started taking care of people spiritually. gathering people up that were crying and praying and ministering to them. >> i have been in the news long enough and i remember covering columbine and a lot of tragedy.
7:20 pm
the horror of what everybody went through is just unimaginable and the luck where ones who lived. >> you know, we are going to find out how much worse it could have been as the stories start coming out about what happened in theater 9. everybody takes their individual stories and we've them together, we will find out really how much, you know, it could have been worse but by the grace of god that he really, you know, protected us. >> do you have any sort of back off a minute, apprehension about going to a movie theater again? >> it's interesting you say that. i was talking to my wife on the way hear what would it be like the next time going to a movie even with my kids and having four kids but we can't live in a spirit of fear over these things. you know, we have to go on and kind of pick up the pieces and minister to the folks that have a little bit more difficult of a challenge. >> we cover these stories so often and there's always been the wonder if they are going to get clinical for us. but as i sat here today i knew that the bodies were in that
7:21 pm
movie theater for a long time until late today as they were doing the investigation. and, you know, that's something you can stop thinking about. here are people who went off to the movie real excited and now they are lying dead in a movie theater the next day. >> there is that part. you know, this is the real part, when you have people crying because they have family members on the inside and they know they are on the inside because they couldn't pick them up and bring them out. and that's the hard part. you know, even though you get out, there's that guilt of you getting out. it's hard. >> or even being in a different movie theater, thinking that's the luck, being in a different movie theater. >> four minutes is the difference in that. nothing is guaranteed for it and that's why it's important for us to -- you know, what you see in these tragedies we draw together and you see the people draw together and you have covered those stories and people draw
7:22 pm
together and people come together, we should do that a lot more. >> when there's no tragedy. >> yeah. >> darryl, thank you. good luck. >> and mr. jenkins is with us in aurora, colorado. he spoke with a person on a date last night when the shooting unfolded. >> sterling, how are you doing? >> doing all right. doing okay. >> what happened? tell me what you saw. tell me what you felt. >> well, i was in theater 8 versus theater 9, which it appears that he entered. i think the immediate thought is when -- when explosions happened in the theater at a gun fight scene you think somebody is messing around. you think somebody is messing around. but when you realize that people that are running out are bleeding and the report is that there's a shooter in the lobby and you can't leave the theater, you are just stuck in there, kind of changes your perspective
7:23 pm
a little bit. >> how long were any the theater and take me through the time frame of start to finish. did you go through the crowd? how concerned were you for your safety? >> it basically was a feeling of helplessness. about 20 minutes where all you can do is pray when you are not allowed to leave and you feel you are just in one room. we ended up going through the upper exit and through gas can centers to run down out into the lobby. but a police officer yelled get down. and that has multiple meanings in a time of crisis. >> i know your girlfriend's car is still in the lot and you can't get it, is that right? >> yeah. >> is she okay? shaken up? >> yeah, she's fine. just we need to figure a way to get to the car but it looks like everything is taped off for now. >> sterling is one. lucky ones but among the mass
7:24 pm
murder victims, aspiring sportscaster jessica, no one professionally as jessica red field. just last month she escaped a deadly shooting in a toronto shopping mall. on her blog she wrote she decided to leave the mall moments before the shooting because she'd a sickening feeling but this time she didn't make it out. in one of her last tweets before the movie she wrote about going to see batman with a friend and she tweeted never thought i would have to coerce a guy to go to the showing of the "the dark knight rises." and then her final tweet. movie doesn't start for 20 minutes. this is a friend of jessica. jordan, welcome. you can kind. guess where i spend about five minutes trying to think what's the right question to ask you? frankly, i feel so bad for you and your family. i don't even know where to begin. >> yeah. i've been asked a lot of questions today and the predominant one is what we are going to do next.
7:25 pm
honestly, it's about celebrating her and her life at this point. we are trying to get the focus out on her to the rest of the victims and there are 11 other fatalities and there were 71 others that were shot. i don't want to hear the gunman's name. i don't want to hear the gunman's name, i don't want this to be another columbine or virginia tech where we can state the name of the shooter but we can't name a single victim. so for me this is about getting the victims out there and getting the stories told and i hope that the family members of the other victims can come forward and have their stories told and broadcasted and inundate the media and take this coward off the air. >> is she older or younger sister. >> 16 months my junior. >> pretty close in age. a pretty close sibling. >> you can say that. >> it's always so -- no one can walk in your shoes. no one knows the pain you and your family feels tonight. we can only imagine and keep telling you how bad we feel for
7:26 pm
you. >> right. we appreciate the condolences. they are coming from everywhere. >> peter, how did you know his sister? >> you know, she had worked, she was an intern at the radio station in san antonio that i was at doing the mornings for for a while. when i moved to denver a couple years ago she wanted to pursue more after sports career. she got in touch with me and kept bugging should i come out to denver, she wanted to be a part of it and i toll her yes. show came out about a year ago and she just couldn't be happier. she have the one as soon as she came in it was pinching every penny and begging mom and dad and everybody to help out because this is her dream, this is what she wanted to do. she came here to see denver and for the last year she has just been, there's not a person in the denver sports media that didn't just -- that loved jessica. >> do you have other siblings? >> yes. i have a baby brother who is twelve. >> and parents? >> yeah, both my parents. >> how is the rest of the family? >> they are devastated. they are in shock. for a lot of the family,
7:27 pm
including myself, i don't think it's fully set in yet. we are just trying to take it as time comes. >> did you even know your sister was going to this movie? did you have any idea in is the first thing you hear when you get the tragic news? >> that's correct. i got a phone call from my mom at 1:00 in the morning and we just kind of went from there. >> it was amazing because one of the things, the last time i got a chance to talk to her sister, jessica; about a week ago. we had dinner and she wanted to have dinner for this one reason, she wanted to set up a charity for the wildfire victims that were going on and everything that happened, the travesty in colorado. she said how do i do this? how can i get hockey equipment for these families in need, which was amazing. i remember, i told jordan the story, i remember sitting across from her at dinner. she looked me in the eye and said i don't want this to be anonymous, a p.o. box or something. how can i help? i don't need to profit my own career for this, i want to help.
7:28 pm
and that's the last time i saw her face to face and it speaks about how sincere and heartfelt she was. >> what happened in toronto? >> about a month ago she was at the mall where she had a gut feeling she needed to leave an area. she couldn't explain it and about three minutes after her departing that area there were shots that rang out and i believe seven were killed. she just wasn't able to escape this one. >> you always wonder why someone and not another person. that theater was filled with people. >> i haven't been trying to focus on that, nor is my family. we are grateful that so many got out alive and uninjured and it's just time for the community to pull together and families to pull together and start moving on and celebrating these lives. >> i'm always so impressed about now magnanimitynous the families are of the victims. i don't know what it's like to walk in your shoes and i don't want to. i mean, i suspect this is the worst thing that can happen.
7:29 pm
but always so gracious and so big and under these just the worst circumstances. >> i think it's because we've had them in our lives so long that we want to share that with everyone else. we will have those memories. that can never be stain away. the coward with the rifle can never take away the 24 years my family had with my sister. >> what was she like? >> well, actually a passionate one at the theater. clumsy, vivacious, go, go, go. she would be behind the button and pressing every button and say i wonder what this is and we would be off the air for a couple minutes. but she's a wealth of knowledge. sometimes in the industry we get jaded on how day-to-day things go or we are doing this here or this is our jobs. when she would show up anywhere, she lit up the room and you kind of all of a sudden ire like i need to be on my game. and that was her. it was, you know, she was everybody's little sister that we all loved.
7:30 pm
real quickie can't tell you enough how strong jordan has been for the family today. and he will never take credit for it and i want to speak for his behalf. the day he's had to put up together and the strength he's shown us to celebrate the life of not only his sister but the other families and try to get that word out, it's been amazing. >> i only thing i keep saying is the same thing, i just don't know what to say to you. these stories, we come out and we cover them, we get to meet people like you and we get to -- we get close to the story and we really do see it's not just a regular story to any of us. our hearts go out to all of you, everyone in the media. >> thank you very much. >> jordan and peter, thank you going. straight ahead, gunfire in a dark theater. the death toll at this hour is twelve. the mass shooting launching colorado hospitals into crisis mode. the latest next. it wasn't just guns, the agent
7:31 pm
also set off chemical agents in the crowded movie theater. and investigators are struggling with another problem, the threat of chemicals and booby traps in the suspect's apartment. coming up, a closer look at the explosive evidence. we have much more live from colorado. stay with us. >> the first thing we see is a 13, 14-year-old girl with a bullet wounds in her leg and her stomach and probably her chest. and i think she was right there about to die. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> we are back live in aurora, colorado on the parking lot of the movie theater that was the scene of a masser and less than 24 hours ago. the current death toll is 12 and 58 others wounded. at this moment denver area hospitals are still treating shooting victims. dr. christopher cowell is the head of services at the denver hospital. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> sir, i know this is very difficult for the doctors, but i also know they are complete professionals rising to the equation. tell me what has your hospital, how many injured has your hospital scene? >> we've seen seven of the injured. six directly from the scene and one in transfer and another incoming. >> how seriously are the seven injured? >> they range from relatively minor injuries that we were able to treat and release to serious injuries that needed the operating room right away. >> is there anyone who risks
7:36 pm
losing his life or at least predictably, somebody could get a bad infection or something but at this moment is each of the seven expected to live? >> yes, they are. each of the ones we have here at denver health are expected to live. right, you never know, because the injuries, some of them were very serious and they could get infections or other things down the road but they are expected to live and we are very fortunate for that. >> dr. colwell. where were you when the call came in? were you in the hospital or called in from home or what did you do? >> no, this time i was asleep in bed. they called just a little before one in the morning to let me know what was going on and what the situation was. and then part of my job is to help mobilize resource so we are prepared for anything that we might face. >> dr. colwell, you were also, as i understand it, a treating physician or one who participated in helping the injured in columbine, is that right? >> that is correct.
7:37 pm
>> how do these two crises, these two massecres, how do they different in terms of the hospital response? i mean, is it that you are faster and better prepared for it, a number of years later or not? >> well, i think you can never really be prepared for something like this. obviously the this was different from my standpoint. columbine i was a physician at the scene. this one i officially responded to the hospital later. very different scenarios and very different perspective from my standpoint but certainly brought up some of the same issues. when you are dealing with a mass shooting like this, right, i think you need to think about how can -- how can we be better prepared, what can we do better? we've been thinking about since before columbine and since columbine we learned from that and learned other things since then. we are better now as an entire system and certainly at denver health and we hope to continue
7:38 pm
to be better prepared to learn. hopefully we never have to face this again, but knowing that in all likelihood we will, we want to be as prepare as we possibly can. >> it's always a good -- one of the -- when these things happen, it always reminds us the first responders, people who show up on the scene, the ambulances, the physicians, the nurses and people who do the triage at the hospital, how enormously dedicated they are to help save lives. everybody mobilizes and we have seen the best even after we have seen this evil. >> i think you certainly do bring out some of the best and some of the responders death at this scene and the columbine scene exemplify that perfectly. as much as it can be tough for the responders, obviously it doesn't compare to like the folks you just interviewed there and what they are having to go through. but it is tough for the folks that respond to the scene but it's also something that we as a
7:39 pm
whole hospital and medical system train to do and again hope to -- hope to be in a position that if something like this happens we can save somebody's life. >> yes, but i imagine it's a little different, we expect people to have car accidents and expect people to have heart attacks, and it's a little easier to accept. when you have something like this, just people going to a movie at midnight expecting to have a lot of fun and then this. you know, it is profoundly different. at least i would think as a medical care provider it's like, you know, you didn't necessarily sign up to see something so horrible. and we are grateful for all the care that all of you do provide, sir. >> well, you are probably in my case giving me more credit than i deserve but i think you are right, you don't expect to do that. i have three kids of my on and i could easily see them going to a movie theater like this. the nice thing as a responder, sometimes you are able and need
7:40 pm
to focus on taking care of the patience that you don't think about the scenario or the scene until it's all over. and then the next day you sit down and you try to understand it. and those things, i don't know if you ever really do understand it. but one of the benefits we have is we are able, our job allows us to focus on trying to take care of them so we don't have to think about the fact they were in a movie theater or what the scenario that led up to it or how tragic it really was. >> doctor, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up, the killer's intention was clear. to kill as many people as he could and to inflict maximum pain. he opened the door to the crowded movie theater, set off the chemicals and followed by rounds and rounds of lethal bullets and right now there's uncertainty about his apartment d he intend to set a death trap for the police? is his apartment booby trapped and rigged with explosives? what should the police do?
7:41 pm
we have a person here to look at the evidence and a firsthand look at the horror. what was it really like inside the theater? you will hear from a survivor coming up. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby. you're a grown man. alright, see you at home. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. we good? we're good. [ male announcer ] at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering.
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>> tonight we are live in aurora, colorado, the scene of the massacre in the movie theater. at this moment police have reason to believe that james holmes has booby trapped his apartment hoping to make a death trap for the police as they enter his apartment. meanwhile we are learning new information, some bizarre. neighbors say james holmes at about midnight last night and a short time before the massacre began in the theater left newsing blaring in his apartment. now here is a minute by minute look at how the movie theater massacre unfolded. >> the premiere of a highly anticipated movie, theaters sold out across the area, and this theater packed. more than 100 people had to have been in there. sounds like it was stadium seating. it was dark in there. the movie had just started when they saw the door open at the
7:46 pm
bottom of the theater and then that's when the chaos began. >> this incident began at 0039 so 39 minutes after midnight the first calls came in to 911. >> medical. still have a request. having units getting to the scene now. there may still be somebody actively shooting. >> there's blood right there. >> we were maybe 20 minutes into the movie. it was a calm part of the movie, no guns or nothing. and all of a sudden i looked to my right and there's this guy, you know, who is coming through this exit door to my right. and he looked like he was an actor or something like he was just like a prop or some mr. pizzaz that's supposed to make the movie interesting and that's what everybody was thinking.
7:47 pm
>> we heard from several that the gunman was not targeting anybody in specific fashion. he just started opening fire on the crowd as people were trying, scrambling really to get out of the theater. >> saw a canister fly across the auditorium. thought it was some kind of prank and then proceed add couple seconds by a big flash and bang and i assumed that was maybe a fireworks, somebody trying to be funny and that was preceded by another three shots that then i realized this was real gunfire. >> it was just one guy. i saw this figure shooting everybody and people trying to run, hopping over people and running on top of people. he was just standing there just standing there and aiming at people. >> he was relentless. shooting anybody he possibly could the." didn't matter who you were, guy, woman, child. and if you were trying to escape, he's going to shoot you. >> an officer at the front door of the business right now. >> within roughly to one minute and minute and a half police
7:48 pm
officers were on scene and apprehended mr. holmes in the back of the theater. his white hyundai parked in the back of the theater, he was apprehended with three weapons in the car and one was left at the scene inside the theater. >> about 15 denver officers coming around to the front to help with the witnesses. they are coming around from the back. >> the white vehicle may have a secondary device. again, you may need to leave that area and just cord done it off until the bomb squad gets there. >> get us some gas masks for theater nine. we can't get in it. >> we've been in the theater. there are ten left in there. >> his apartment is booby trapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. i will tell you that we've
7:49 pm
evacuated residents to a safe distance and it includes five buildings in the area being evacuated. >> it was a massacre at that movie theater in aurora, colorado. and right there you are looking at the apartment building where the shooter lives. we know that's his apartment building, we've seen his car and now we know his names. his name is james holmes. he's 24 years old and lives in north aurora. he was apprehended at the scene. he was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> we will be right back. don't go away. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension.
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>> who is james holmes? what do we know about the 24-year-old suspect in the shooting. the latest of the man accused of massacring innocent people in a movie theater. brenda from a radio station joins us. where is he from? >> well, right now everyone here calls him 24-year-old james eagan jones. but the truth is back in california right outside of san diego everybody new him as jimmy. he was quiet, yes, but friendly.
7:54 pm
neighbors there say they are more shocked than we are here by hearing the developments in this case. they know that he had grown up there. he had been a star student, graduated with honors from the university of california riverside. had even joined the soccer team. was pretty well liked. quiet like he was here, but not reclusive. they say he didn't turn reclusive until he moved to colorado. a far cry from what people here are describing what they saw in that theater. >> why did he move here? >> they say he had graduated but had trouble finding a job. he studied neuroscience at the university of california-riverside about and was having trouble getting a job when he came out of school so he thought i'll go for my h hphd. he was studying at the university of colorado, the science center at the university of colorado. and he was on track to get his ph.d. but he was having problems in school. >> look, here's a guy who has
7:55 pm
his apartment wired. i can't imagine that there weren't a lot of peculiar its about him. >> neighbors say he was quiet and reclusive. nobody had any signs about this. and i'll tell you, this couldn't have been sudden. people found four guns which he bought recently at local stores, but the thousands of pounds of ammo that he ordered, he ordered online and that had to have taken some time. >> and, of course, the investigation he was playing music over and over and over again last night. >> and most of the time you would think, well, that's a warning sign. neighbors should have known something was wrong. you also think people would know something was wrong when you walk into a theater with a gas mask on, all that armor, all the bullet prove stuff but nobody thought anything of it because they thought he was in disguise, part of the movie and a joke. everyone said how did he get all this stuff in here? he did buy a ticket to the movie, but he actually went, sat
7:56 pm
down and opened a door and then went back out. >> and then came back in. >> then came back in. >> brenda, thank you. don't go anywhere anybody because we are going to stick around for another hour. we will be continuing to bring you the very latest on this deadly movie theater shooting from colorado. stay right with us. with the available leus enform app suite, you can use opentable to make restaurant reservations. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on se of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. what ? customers didn't like it.
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